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There are many misconceptions related to veneers. These are the thin porcelain shells that are adhered to your teeth to help hide issues, such as gaps, discoloration, shape and more. There are some people who believe that there is no tooth left beneath the veneer, or that once they are in place, you don’t have to care for them as much. While all of this is false, there is some information you should know and that can be helpful.

If you are interested in veneers, and getting a Perfect Smile, use the information here to make sure this is the right option for you.

Things To Know Before Having Dental Veneers

There are a few things you need to consider before you decide to have dental veneers. Aside from the fact that this treatment involves reshaping of your teeth, here are other information you need to know:

#1 You Need An Expert To Ensure Fantastic Results

This cosmetic procedure needs precision and expertise for you to gain excellent results. You need to make sure that your dentist is an expert in applying the shells for a stunning smile. It is always best to consult your prosthodontist who specializes in this cosmetic procedure.

#2 Veneers Aren’t a Must, But They Are an Option.

Anyone can benefit from veneers if you don’t like the look of your teeth or overall smile, but Dr. Jivraj mainly sees people who want to correct an issue.

For example, he has patients who don’t want to undergo braces (again!) yet still have crooked teeth, others who don’t like the color of their teeth and want to whiten them permanently, and some patients who have chipped front teeth or who’ve simply had thicker porcelain veneers done in the past and want a more natural finish.

#3 You Can’t Get Veneers On The Spot

Getting veneers is a multistep, time-consuming process—you can’t walk into your dentist’s office and expect to walk out with a brand new smile that same day. “A smile analysis needs to be done so your dentist can confirm you’re a candidate for veneers. There are times when veneers aren’t the only solution and other procedures can achieve a similar effect,” says Oxnard cosmetic dentist Dr. Jivraj. “You should discuss with your dentist what you like and don’t like about your smile and what you hope to achieve with veneers.”

#4 Is It Possible to Get Veneers on Only Your Front Teeth and Not All of Them?

Theoretically, porcelain veneers can be placed on any tooth in the anterior or posterior area. Usually, for better aesthetic result the veneers are placed on all anterior teeth. The problem with placing veneers on molar teeth is the high risk of fracture and falling off due to excursive (side) movements of the jaw. Crowns on posterior teeth are more durable to the high pressures of grinding food.

#5 You Can Choose Between Composite Resin or Porcelain For Your Veneers

Your dentist will provide you with these options when you decide to have the treatment. Porcelain dental veneers are preferred by most prosthodontists since they are more durable and cannot be stained. On the other hand, composite resin or componeers are made from a hard plastic mixture. They are both very durable but componeers are easily stained. Should you prefer the composite resin, you have to choose what you eat to prevent stains on your composite veneer.

It is important to note that this is not solely for cosmetic purpose. The shells that are bonded to your teeth help them to be protected from further damages. However, the natural teeth behind them are still prone to decay. Regular dental visits are necessary once you have this treatment to keep them in great shape and intact. Moreover, you have to practice great oral care daily.

The dental veneers cost is dependent on how many teeth would need some coverings. See your dentist today and learn more about his treatment plan to give you a smile makeover.

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