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Technology is seemingly everywhere these days. From using our watches for tracking steps and calories to catching Pokémon at the park on our mobile devices, we’re embracing technology in more areas of our lives than ever before. The dental industry is no different. Patients at Anacapa Dental Art Institute, Oxnard get the latest digital dental technology to create a more enjoyable experience, saving them time and money. Plus, you get the most precise and accurate treatment possible.

Here Are Five Ways Technology Accomplishes this:

#1. More Precise Treatments – No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to teeth. Thanks to 3D X-ray machines and software (such as a cone beam CT scan), dentists can more accurately locate teeth gums and nerves. This allows for more precise planning and better results. If you’re receiving a dental implant, for example, there will be a drastically lower likelihood of infections, discomfort or other complications.

#2. Quicker Procedures – If you’ve ever gotten a crown before, you likely had to make at least two trips to the dentist and wear a temporary crown between visits. With today’s CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) technology and efficient milling machines, it’s possible to get a crown in as little as an hour or two. Similarly, other dental technology and machines are making virtually every procedure quicker than it once was.

#3. More Customized Solutions – There’s no “one size fits all” in dentistry. For truly effective results, you need a treatment that’s personalized to fit your unique needs. In the past, it was common for dental solutions like braces to break or cause pain. Today’s technology allows braces to be made to order, thus increasing durability, comfort and effectiveness.

#4. Comfortable Designs – Dental solutions like dentures are notorious for being uncomfortable and are prone to slippage. That’s changed due to digital technology. Dentures and other dental solutions these days — dental implants in particular — are designed to fit so well, you might not be able to distinguish them from your natural teeth.

#5. Better Overall Experiences – The biggest reason many people avoid the dentist is because they anticipate a painful experience. If you’ve ever received a filling or crown, for example, you likely had to deal with the dreaded “goop” for an impression. With today’s technology, a dentist can use a handheld 3D scanner instead, creating a better overall experience.

These are just a few ways technology is making dental visits more enjoyable for both patients and dentists. To learn more about the technology that Dr. Jivraj utilizes, schedule a consultation today.

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