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New Smile In A Day Oxnard, CA

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there is no procedure as impactful as the New Smile in a Day procedure. The results are beautiful and life changing, to say the least. Any missing teeth or other imperfections you have in the beginning of the day will not be there by the end. You get a functioning, ideal smile in just one day.

What Is New Smile In A Day?

The New Smile in a Day procedure was developed over 15 years ago in Europe. Though still not mainstream in America, it is an approved procedure that has been successfully used for some time that gives staggering results.

When faced with tooth loss on a massive or total scale, there is no better option for you than the instantaneous turn-around of the New Smile in a Day procedure. This procedure has altered the course of cosmetic dentistry by giving patients a brand new perfect smile in a matter of hours, all done in-house by our award-winning cosmetic dentist in Ventura Dr. Jivraj and his expert team.

How Is New Smile In A Day Possible?

In the past, the only option for tooth loss was dentures. Uncomfortable and structurally not ideal, dentures had multiple negative side effects, the main one being the lack of tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone. When the bones in the jaw aren’t stimulated and given stress, the jaw begins to deteriorate and can cause further serious complications.

With the advent of dental implants, there was no longer any issue of jawbone stimulation, as the fixture is drilled directly into the bone. As the body heals, the bone regenerates itself around the implant, just as it does with a natural tooth root. Once recovery is complete, a porcelain crown is attached to the implant. Currently, there is nothing that looks, feels and acts like a real tooth and root more than a dental implant. The best part is the implant stimulates the jawbone, and deterioration is no longer an issue.

The only issue with dental implants is the process could take many months to heal and mesh with your jawbone, and while waiting for the process to complete, you may be left with an unsightly smile. Though not a huge deal in the case of a single missing tooth, it is obviously not ideal in the case of multiple tooth loss or a full arch loss. Additionally, total arch replacement used to take six to ten separate implants, which was pretty hard on patients’ pockets as well as their mouths.

Then a major breakthrough was discovered. Dental surgeons discovered that the dental implant was immensely stronger when inserted into the jaw at a 45-degree angle. This ultimately made the Smile in a Day procedure a possibility. Instead of 8 or even 10 implants needed for an arch replacement, only 4 to 6 were needed to secure an entire arch. The best part was dental surgeons also found that crowns could be immediately affixed to the implants rather than waiting months for the implant to heal. Dr. Jivraj further performs All on 4 Dental Implants which is a procedure that can also be done all in the same day for a beautiful new set of teeth.

As the whole process of extraction, implantation and porcelain crown creation is done in-house using state-of-the-art technologies, you can factually come into Anacapa Dental Art Institute in the morning and walk out in the evening with your new smile.

Why Anacapa Dental?

sub-consultation3Dr. Jivraj is an award-winning prosthodontist who is considered one of the best at the procedure of New Smile in a Day in Ventura County. You would be hard pressed to find a dentist more qualified and skilled at implant surgery than Dr. Jivraj and his amazing team at Anacapa.

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