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Diabetes and periodontal (gum) disease are a dangerous cycle that impact everything from your smile to your waistline. While you may have never thought that the two go hand-in-hand, scientific research suggests otherwise.

However, the consequences of diabetes for oral health may often be ignored or brushed over. If you have type I or type II diabetes, you need to pay attention to how your condition can impact your mouth. Here is a brief overview of the relationship between diabetes and oral health as well as a look at how you can prevent problems.

As time has gone by, researchers have found that it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to manage your blood sugar levels if you have gum disease. Likewise, if you have uncontrollable diabetes — no matter how well you brush and floss your teeth — you are far more likely to suffer from moderate to severe periodontal disease.

Each one plays off of the other and you may find it difficult if not impossible to catch up. It seems like it may be impossible to finally gain a hold on one of them so that you can work on the other. Fortunately with the help of our dentist in Oxnard near Camarillo, you can.


The Mayo Clinic explains, “Your mouth naturally contains many types of bacteria. When starches and sugars in food and beverages interact with these bacteria, a sticky film known as plaque forms on your teeth. The acids in plaque attack the surfaces of your teeth … The higher your blood sugar level, the greater the supply of sugars and starches—and the more acid wearing away at your teeth.”

Diabetes can also lead to dry mouth. Saliva keeps harmful germs at bay, and a shortage of it can increase your risk for cavities.

Gum Disease

The risk of gum disease is higher for individuals with diabetes. This is because diabetes can weaken the immune system, reducing your body’s ability to fight off harmful bacteria. This bacteria forms plaque and the plaque sneaks under your gum line and becomes tartar. In the early stages of gum disease, this results in swollen gums and a tendency to bleed easily.

Advanced gum disease may also occur. This adversely affects the structures that support your teeth, including the soft tissue and bone. Your teeth could eventually fall out because of advanced gum disease, which is also known as periodontitis. Periodontitis might cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

Other Possible Problems

Thrush may occur, especially if you have difficulties keeping your blood glucose levels under control. Thrush, often called oral candidiasis, is a yeast infection that causes white patches, redness, and bleeding in the mouth as well as cracks at the corners of the lips. A bitter, nasty taste is also common.

Burning mouth syndrome is also a possibility with diabetes. As the name implies, this condition involves a burning, tingling, or otherwise painful sensation in the mouth.

How Our Oxnard Dentist Can Help

Establishing a clean environment inside of your mouth that is free from plaque biofilm will consequently reduce the strain to your immune system. The back-and-forth dance of elevated gum infections and dysregulated blood sugar levels then becomes easier to manage.

Breaking the cycle of one (gum disease) gives you more control over the other (diabetes.)

As your immune system is less strained, your gums heal and your oral hygiene efforts are more effective. Keeping your real, natural teeth for life truly becomes a reality again! As such, you can find yourself gaining more control over your blood sugar levels and other secondary conditions related to your diabetes.

Frequent cleanings provide your smile with a “leg up” between visits, giving you a head start at breaking the cycle between periodontitis and your blood sugar problems. Even if your teeth and gums appear to be healthy, deep gum pockets caused by previous severe infections need careful monitoring and maintenance. They’re not something that you can just clean with floss every day, try as you may.

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