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That’s correct. Your new teeth are custom designed to match your natural teeth and to fit right in so that comfort and beauty return.

Because of this fact, the only way to find out what the fees are for your situation is to schedule a consultation with Oxnard’s Best Implant Specialist Dr. Jivraj.

For those that want to see the office and meet me personally, there are complimentary visits available where a range of fees can be discussed for your dental rejuvenation.

So, how do you find out what fees are involved? A private, complimentary consultation can help determine the range of fees for your rejuvenation. Be forewarned, the ‘talking visits’ to meet me and my team are often booked out months in advance.

Beyond the complimentary, a Complete Dental Physical is an absolute must to develop your solutions. This goes back to the fact that your situation, while possibly similar, will not be exactly the same as another patient which requires more in-depth discussions and review of what I see.

While fees are being discussed, please take Note: the fees we quote include not just the implants, but the completed teeth, too. Additionally, the fees will include all the possible minor changes that can occur when complex dental treatment is being done for you.

If you’ve ever been involved with any type of ‘restoration project,’ you will very likely have experienced hidden, unexpected surprises along the way to your successful completion of the project. While I have seen almost every kind of ‘surprise’ related to complex dental problems, I can never predict which ones will occur for any one patient.  Knowing this is the case, I spend extra time thinking about all the things it will take to get you from where you started to where you want to be with your chewing and smiling and the fee includes all of the possible minor deviations.

Why am I making such a big deal about this? Well, honestly, less than 1% of dentists think like this and the bad news is that the other 99% when encountering variations in how they would get you from point A to point B with your dental care means added fees and costs all along the way. It’s not uncommon to hear reports where in another office, the fee kept changing throughout treatment! Because of the years of experience at this, you’ll never have to worry about that situation with us.

Another distinct advantage: We work together to find the best solution for you based on what YOU want to achieve.

What’s more, you’ll get a chance to receive a very detailed understanding (written in easy to understand terms not the typical medical gobbledygook that does no one any good) of what is possible for you, meet our staff of professionals and get a tour of our cutting-edge facility.

Prevent Pain, Save Money

Dental implants help prevent the many costly and often painful dental problems that can arise later. Other potential health problems are also eliminated since ones’ nutrition is returned to normal by a diet of healthy foods.

Financing Made Easy

We offer a generous financing plan for qualified individuals to help with larger procedures. Often your dental insurance will help pay a percentage of the total costs. We’ll provide you with over a dozen ways that other patients in similar situations handled the investment and went back to dental comfort again.

Since the dental implanting procedures take place in gradual steps over time, your investment can even be spread out over time as long as payment is complete when
work is finishing.

“My Dental Implant Story”

When I first saw my dentist with my five hopeless teeth I was certain that there would be no option other than dentures. Next best would seem to be extensive bridgework. I was pleased and enthusiastic at the possibility of implants.

The best help was Dr. Jivraj’s careful explanation of the future work. At the time it was all hard to imagine. However, as the work progressed it was systematic and obvious. One of the most interesting parts of the adventure was to see the actual plaster molds of my jaw with all the new work in place ready for me to begin using!

Now the implants have been well used and admired for seven years. I am now 75 years old with 20+ years of diabetes, so an ok was needed from my M.D. All went well during and after the procedure. I observed that Dr. Jivraj has fine dental skills and also people skills. Beside these qualities, he has the artistic skills of Michelangelo and the craftsmanship of Paul Revere.

I am proud and pleased to recommend Dr. Jivraj’s AO4+ Smile Solution work and the adventure in general to anyone.”

Actual AO4+ Smile Solution Patient, 75, Oxnard

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Anacapa Dental Art Institute is proud of their dedicated service to Ventura County. Lead by world-renowned top cosmetic prothodontist Dr. Jivraj and his expert staff, Anacapa has the expertise and facility to handle whatever your cosmetic dental situation may be. Whether it’s a tooth whitening or a full mouth reconstruction, expect nothing but some of the best dental care Ventura County has available.

Call today for a private consultation. Renew your smile, renew your life.

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