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When dental implants were first introduced, the emphasis for long-term success was on the surgical phase of treatment. Subsequently, the emphasis changed from a focus on the surgical technique to proper fixture placement, which would be dictated by the prosthetic and aesthetic needs of each patient. In more recent years, implant maintenance and effective patient home care have been emphasized as two critical factors needed for long-term success of dental implants.

Dental Implants Need Proper Oral Hygiene To Ensure Your Ongoing Health

Dental implants are a permanent solution that replaces missing teeth. And with the right care, dental implants can last a lifetime… but first, your mouth needs to heal properly without infection. If you thought dental implants and replacement teeth means you could get away with relaxing on your oral hygiene, think again! Treat dental implants like natural teeth, because just like natural teeth, dental implants need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Your nutrition and lifestyle also impact the health and longevity of dental implants.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Caring for Your Dental Implants:

#1 Keep Brushing, Keep Flossing

Flossing will help keep your mouth clean and your breath smelling good. Brushing your teeth isn’t enough to keep your teeth clean. When you brush, parts of your teeth are hard to reach. Bits of food can remain stuck there even after brushing. Flossing can remove these stubborn bits of food. Flossing is also a good way to remove the plaque that can build up in your mouth. Plaque is a sticky covering of bacteria on the teeth. Tooth decay and gum problems will develop unless it’s removed.

For those with dental implants (and those without), it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent bacteria growth and infections with regular flossing and brushing. It’s also important that you follow any directions from your Oxnard Implant dentist. After-care instructions may include mouthwash and rinses to ensure the implant doesn’t get infected.

#2 Lifestyle And Nutrition

Eating foods that are too hard after dental implant surgery will exacerbate the pain. It can also cause more bleeding than there should be. If you drink through a straw, you may get a dry socket caused by a blood clot. This can prolong healing, so sip from the glass to avoid this issue. After a few weeks, the site should heal and improve so you can start using a straw again.

Eventually, you will be able to eat the same way you did before surgery. It just takes a little patience. If you follow the proper advice, the initial recovery period can be shortened and the dental implants will be as strong as your natural teeth.

#3 Avoiding Infection

As with natural teeth, implants can develop bacteria growth and infections if not properly cared for. In fact, an infection can likely cause even greater problems for an implant. A failed implant poses greater health concerns than an infection in a natural tooth.

If you notice any of these signs of infection, visit your dentist immediately so you can start treating the infection and prevent an implant failure:

  • Bad breath;
  • Inflammation of the gums around the implant;
  • The implant becomes loose;
  • Severe, throbbing pain or discomfort in implant area; and,
  • Pus around the implant area.

Here are some ways on how to prevent dental implant infections:

Trust only an experienced dentist

This is the most important tip we can give. Most dental implant infections occur due to the introduction of bacteria into the mouth during or immediately after implant surgery. Be sure that your implants are being placed in a safe, hygienic, accredited surgical facility by a skilled dentist like Dr. Jivraj. Make sure that your dentist is using dental implants of only the finest quality.

Follow post-operative instructions

  • Pre-emptive prescription of antibiotics for some days prior to surgery can help reduce the risk of implant infection. After surgery, most implant dentists will prescribe antibiotics and recommend the use of an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Daily cleaning of all the surfaces above and below the gumline is critical to preventing peri-implant disease.

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