Last time we looked at the fact that those in dentures lost up to 1500% of their chewing pressure. What happens when your teeth are solid again with Dental Implants?

Studies indicate that after 2 months of having implant supported replacement teeth, patients were able to increase their maximal biting force by 85%.

After 3 years the average chewing force increased 300% compared to before implant treatment!

Overall, the chewing ability of patients with implant supported teeth is roughly equal to patients with healthy, natural teeth, and vastly superior to patients with conventional dentures.

Missing Teeth Encourage Wrinkling and Pre-Mature Aging

The bone which surrounds the teeth must be stimulated from within or the body dissolves (resorbs) it. This results in dentures or partials which repeatedly need to be relined or remade. It also results in more creases and wrinkles in the face.

The space between the nose and chin decreases. The nose then appears larger or more prominent. The face looks like it is frowning when at rest because the corners of the mouth pull down and form creases. The lower part of the face looks fallen in.

The chin looks like it comes to a point or a “witch’s chin”.

Jowls may form and make the face look unnatural. The tongue may actually enlarge because of the increased demands placed on it from missing teeth. This can cause speech and chewing problems. Thankfully, the tongue adapts well to implant-supported replacement teeth.

No wonder dentures may affect a person’s health, both physically and psychologically. A sense of security may be lost. It may affect success in personal or business relationships. It may alter your speech, looks and function.

Many a patient has come in looking older than their chronological age (a fifty-year-old who looks seventy, for example).

After dental implants they enjoyed dental and facial rejuvenation. Often the change makes them look 10-15 years younger than their actual age. Moreover, those who receive treatment with implants slow down “the clock of aging” substantially. They look younger, longer.

If you’re ready to reverse some of the effects of ageing, to stop looking older than your natural age, or to reset the clock and look decades younger, implants are very likely part of the solution.

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