If you have been told you aren’t a candidate because of a lack of supporting bone, you should come in and see us. We can almost always figure out ways to solve that problem so you can have implant restorations with today’s techniques. There are new versions of dental implants being approved almost every month. Even if you were told you couldn’t have a dental implant a year ago, it’s likely that things have changed since then and there is a new way to help you. One sure sign of being on top of these constant new developments is what my colleagues have to say.

You probably didn’t know this but I’m recommended by more of my fellow dentists then any other in the entire Northwest Region, British Columbia, and Alaska. Here’s just one example……

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jivraj on a number of complex cases. Not only have I been impressed with the final outcome, but I have also been very impressed with Dr. Jivraj’s knowledge and preparation. When one of my patients sees Dr. Jivraj, I am confident that they area being treated by a consummate professional.

My staff and I work hard to provide the best possible care for our patients. I know that when I am working with Dr. Jivraj, my patients will receive the kind of care and respect they deserve.

Dr. William Clark, Oral Surgeon

“Dr. Jivraj is an international authority on dentistry and we are fortunate to have his expertise in our community. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t meet with Dr. Jivraj to discuss your dental treatment options.”

James O. Jacobs, DDS, MS

Patients must realize that every doctor is licensed to perform any procedure, but most patients would not go to their primary care doctor for heart surgery or even treatment of skin cancer. In this age of marketing and hype patients must be very careful who they seek for complex dental treatment.

The reality is that sophisticated dental treatments that are available to patients today are very complex by nature. Oversimplifications of these treatments are done by those who do not have experience in ramifications of poor judgment. Dr. Jivraj in my opinion is one of the few professionals locally who possesses such experience.

As a board certified oral surgeon I take making recommendations very seriously and only recommend individuals such as Dr. Jivraj who are fully qualified to not only take on complex cases but have the experience to deal with complications which do sometime arise.

If a member of my family required complex dental treatment of any kind, Dr. Jivraj would be on a very short list of doctors I would recommend.”

Dr. H Zarrinkelk, Oral Surgeon

“Dr Jivraj has been teaching with me for the last 6 years he has the unique ability to make the most complicated concepts seem very easy. Our students have really learned a lot from him. All the patients I have referred to him over the years have come back thoroughly satisfied. If you are looking for an exceptional dentist/Prosthodontist you won’t find better than Dr Jivraj.”

Dr. William E. Altman, D.D.S., D.D.O.C.S., P.C.

You can read literally dozens of other examples at our website (www.anacapadental.com) along with 60 plus patient success stories. In the next installment, we’ll give you a simple list that will help you decide if my Method is right for you.

In the meantime, call (805) 988-3317, for a Complimentary Consultation and we’ll take good care of you.

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