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Firmly anchored to the jawbone by dental implants, permanent dentures offer patients replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth, sparing them the discomfort, dietary restrictions, bone loss and other common problems that come with wearing removable dentures. However, many patients are concerned about the length of time they’ll have to wait for those replacement teeth – after all, who wants to be toothless for months? While getting dental implants and permanent dentures in Oxnard, Ventura County was once a lengthy process, potential patients will be glad to know that things have changed.

Up until a few years ago, the process for getting fitted with permanent, implant-supported dentures involved several steps and months of waiting. Today, specialized implants and advanced surgical techniques have streamlined the process, allowing many patients to be fitted with permanent dentures as quickly, or sometimes even more quickly, as they could get traditional, removable dentures.

Immediate Load Dental Implants

All-on-4 and other immediate-load procedures, like traditional implant placement, are done in a series of steps, but with a key difference – most are completed before a patient’s surgical appointment. Patients will see their Oxnard near Camarillo implant dentist for one or two surgical planning appointments, then see their restorative specialist for the fabrication of their permanent dentures. Once the prosthetic is ready, surgery will be scheduled. During that surgical session, the oral surgeon will perform any necessary tooth extractions, complete the surgical placement of dental implants and attach the prosthesis to those implants, giving patients a complete, attractive and natural looking smile within just a few hours.

Implant-Supported Denture Procedure in Oxnard Near Camarillo

There is another reason why the dental implants are angled as this allows Dr. Jivraj to use longer implant posts, creating greater stability for your new implant-supported denture. Additionally once the denture is placed in position it ensures the dental implants cannot move so the process of Osseo integration will still take place, just while you have your new denture. By securing the new dentures so they cannot move, they will be able to bond firmly within your jawbone so there is no need to worry that this treatment offers any sort of compromise for the long-term success of your dental implants. In fact it has been widely used since the 1990s with very good long-term results. All-on-four can be an amazing treatment and has already provided many patients with the confidence that comes from knowing your beautiful new teeth are completely stable and strong. Foods that have been off-limits for years are suddenly easy to eat and life can become a whole lot more enjoyable.

How Long Does the Implant-Supported Dentures Process take?

The all on 4 or implant supported denture process and the rest take about the same amount of time. As a general rule dental implants require 3-6 months to heal in the lower jaw and 4-6 months in the upper jaw. After the dental implants have healed, and depending on which option you have chosen; 4-14 weeks for me to complete your teeth. There also can be quite a bit of pre dental implant work that I may need to do depending on your option; up to 8 weeks worth. You typically will always have some sort of teeth to wear through out the entire process, usually fixed in place if options 1-2 and sometimes 3.

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