Other Dentists Laughed When I Told Them I Was Studying Dental Implants, But When I Showed Them My Patients, Their Ridicule Turned to Admiration!

When my colleagues heard about my studies and investigations into dental implants and what they could do for my patients they looked at me and shook their heads disapprovingly.

I had to suffer “the looks”, the whispered comments behind my back and the general “you’re wasting your time and your money, just do the ‘old-fashioned’ dentistry you were trained to do.

Some went so far as to say “How could you do that to your patients!”

They had been literally “brainwashed” in dental school. I braved out the looks, the comments, doubts and negativity of my peers. I knew it was right. To no avail, my attempts at convincing them otherwise fell on deaf ears.

So, I trained… and trained some more. I burned the midnight oil studying my texts and notes from the giants in the field of implant dentistry. Then, I started offering the techniques to patients who desperately needed them.

I rejoiced in my successes, and more importantly so did my grateful patients who desperately needed what I had to offer: implant dentistry done the right way.

I’ll also never forget my other training for Advanced Dental Studies, which is widely considered the premier advanced continuing education institution for dentistry in the world.

Even here I got those now familiar looks, doubts, and comments when I proposed dental implants as the solution for missing teeth in our learning exercises.

As of 2009, this same institute now declares dental implants to be the preferred solution to the problems of missing teeth.  What a reversal!

The original implant treatments I did are still working, helping my patients smile easily and chew comfortably all thanks to being willing to go the opposite of what the majority were saying and believing about this miracle of dentistry.

I have been studying what works and what doesn’t work ever since. I perform implant dentistry in all of its aspects, surgical placement and replacement of missing teeth on a daily basis.

I am a bit unusual in that respect.

It is hard to find a practitioner properly schooled and experienced in both placement and restoration of dental implants. I am proud and pleased to be one of the few.

For patients, it means having to go to only one place to get their dental work done instead of being shuffled back and forth between someone who places dental implants and the other who puts the teeth on. Confusion and problems are very common under that scenario.

My colleagues now look at my work with awe and admiration. Now, the comments that come in are, “Wow…. You can do that?  That’s great,” “What a wonderful service for your patients!….” “I wish I knew how to do what you can do!”

I smile now, knowing that I did the right thing. Now each year more within the profession accept dental implants as The Answer to Missing Teeth. It doesn’t always mean they offer this to their patients but it means that at least privately most believe it is the wave of the future.

Here Are a Couple of Stories that Are Very Common Among My Patients Who Have Dental Implants at Anacapa Dental Art Institute, Oxnard

“My natural teeth had been a source of embarrassment and pain for many years. The embarrassment was difficult enough to deal with but the pain was excruciating at times.

I will never forget waking up in early 2002 and discovering that several of the crowns in the front were loose. My biggest fear was having my teeth fall out while talking. I carried a mirror in my purse so I could check my teeth several times a day to make sure they were all there. I couldn’t smile, as much as I wanted because I was afraid people would see my teeth – or lack of teeth.

During this time, I consistently made excuses for avoiding social situations, especially those that involved eating. I became known as the person taking all the pictures instead of being in them. I couldn’t smile lest my teeth show and be recorded in family albums for all to see. 

At Anacapa Dental Art Institute, I had many questions and all were answered completely and to my satisfaction by Dr. Saj Jivraj. The surgery was scheduled and after years of avoidance, I was actually looking forward to starting the process. I was given medication to take both before and after surgery so I felt ready to deal with the pain. Immediately after arriving home, I took the pain medication as prescribed and then proceeded to sleep for several hours. Upon waking there was no pain and I did not need any additional medication. I immediately ran to the mirror and was completely surprised. The healing teeth looked great and I was ready to face the world with a smile.

My happiness this past year has increased a hundred fold as years of stress have been lifted from my life. I also have started appearing in family photos after a thirty-year absence. That will be a mystery to future generations as they review family albums!

My story would not be complete without giving complete credit and thanks to Dr. Jivraj and his staff.  From my initial phone call last year to this point, I have experienced quality care from all members of his team at each and every appointment.

All procedures are performed in the office, which not only is comforting for fearful patients but also scheduling and travel hassles are eliminated. I am told in advance how long each appointment will take and in all cases, the time commitment has been met. This certainly makes it easy when scheduling around work and family obligations. The office is meticulously clean and free of loud noises. One gets the feeling of peacefulness, which reduced my stress.

I will forever be grateful for finding Dr. Saj Jivraj and entrusting my dental needs to his care. His expertise, professionalism, and sense of humor have taken me from hopelessness to happiness over this past year. Josee and Laura are integral parts of his team as they helped guide me through procedures, appointments, and insurance claims.”

Diane S. – All On 4 Implants – Actual Patient

“My experience at Anacapa Dental Art Institute was fantastic and I look forward to completing my process of the All On 4 procedure. From the first time I arrived at Anacapa the entire staff was great and treated me with great knowledge and ability. I did some research on Anacapa prior to my implant surgery and I am very happy I chose them for my lower mouth and next hopefully the uppers.
Thanks Anacapa Dental”

Steve S. – A04+ Smile Solution – Actual Patient

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