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When you have a beautiful smile, you want to share it with the world and show it off in photos. With a few helpful tips, you can be sure that your smile is always camera-ready and that you’re proud to share your selfies and profile pictures. There’s nothing worse than having the perfect outfit and caption but ultimately ruining an Instagram shot with an awkward smile, right? But hey, even after years of practice, smiling photogenically is much easier said than done. There are, however, simple ways to look better in photos with your Perfect Smile.

Selfies are all the rage with millennials, but everyone enjoys taking a selfie every now and again. That is until that selfie turns out to be a revealing photo of bad teeth. A less than stellar set of teeth and gums can ruin even the best settings for a selfie, too. Imagine taking a selfie in front of the gleaming Burj Khalifa, only to discover that your teeth aren’t so gleaming. Don’t let bad choppers ruin your selfie opportunities! Here are Top five Smile tips from Best Cosmetic Dentist from Oxnard, Ventura Dr. Saj Jivraj to step-up your selfie game.

#1. Get Cosmetic Issues Resolved

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t nearly as invasive—or costly!—as Cosmetic surgery. Why not contact Anacapa Dental Art Institute in Oxnard and ask about cosmetic dentistry options

to resolve any minor teeth issues? Don’t take another selfie until your smile is super! You can have such things fixed as:

  • Jagged teeth surfaces
  • Stained teeth
  • Gaps in the teeth
  • Missing or broken teeth

#2 Great Oral Care

The most important part of any great selfie or profile picture is your winning smile, so it’s important to maintain good oral health with daily brushing and flossing. If your teeth have stains or yellowing, ask your dental professional about the best whitening products to use. Also, look into correcting any damaged, broken, missing or cracked teeth so that you always have the confidence to show your pearly whites. Make sure your gums are healthy because even a perfect smile isn’t enough to disguise unhappy gums.

#3. Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

It’s amazing what teeth whitening can do for your smile. Sure, over the counter whitening products can make a little difference in the color of your teeth. But those products tend to require repeated use to notice any difference. Plus, their effects are short-lived. For long-lasting, impressive results, make an appointment with Anacapa Dental Art Institute, Oxnard, Ventura, CA to get your teeth professionally whitened. You’ll notice the difference as soon as the treatment is over, and your teeth will stay looking white and bright for a long, long time!

#4. Get Sealant Treatment

Sealants help prevent your teeth from being prone to decay and staining. A regimen of sealant treatments can keep a nearly perfect smile from suddenly suffering from preventable issues like cavities. Don’t your selfies deserve the insurance that tooth sealants can provide? Sealants are non-invasive, affordable and offer preventative oral hygiene that can save you money and worry down the road, too.

#5. Consider Dental Implants

If you avoid taking selfies due to damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are the answer to stepping up your selfie game! You’ll never be shy about posting your selfies to social media ever again when you take advantage of dental implant services from Anacapa Dental Art Institute, Oxnard. Dental implants look so real and lifelike that no one will ever accuse you of using Photoshop to fake that beautiful new smile of yours, either! Even in real life, the look of your dental implants will stand up to friends, colleagues and the most intimate moments of your life. With dental implants, there’s no reason to put off enhancing your smile any longer!

#6. Laugh a Little Before the Snap

Some selfies can come out a little stiff. Ensure that your smile is genuine by giving a light and short laugh just before you snap the pic. This will prevent that dreaded pout, as well as make it look like your selfie was taken on the spur of the moment, instead of well-planned!

#7. Touch of Color

For women who wear makeup, using the right shade of lipstick helps teeth appear whiter. Good shades to use include wine, plum, berry, rose pink and blush colors. Using a color that’s too dark or the wrong shade for your complexion can distract from your smile or make it appear less appealing.

At Anacapa Dental Art Institute, Oxnard, Ventura offers a full range of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures that will make every selfie a frame-worthy image. And, with a selection of insurance and affordable financing options, you’ll have a variety of ways to pay. Ask our front staff about financing options. We offer third-party financing through companies like CareCredit, Lending Club. Qualified candidates can work with a financing company to develop a monthly payment plan to fit their budget.

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