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Are you missing a tooth? If so, you’re not alone. Over 178 million people in the United States are missing teeth, and that number is expected to increase in the next twenty years, according to the American College of Prosthodontics. Our dentist at Anacapa Dental Art Institute has seen tooth occur because of wear, injury, cancer, and gum disease. But do you wonder what happens if I don’t replace a missing tooth?

If you were to ask someone with missing teeth how it happened, odds are pretty good they won’t say overnight. As is true with many things in life, changes to oral health can happen gradually. When you get that twinge of pain chomping into a tasty ice cream cone, you may just shrug it off, but it may be a warning of more to come. When a person is missing teeth, no matter what may have caused it, the impact on your daily life is at every turn.

No, no one wants to lose their teeth but it does happen. It may have been that life got in the way of the care your teeth needed but now missing teeth have you missing out on life! When deciding if dental implants are your dental solution, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want teeth that stay in place and allow me to eat what I want?
  • Am I ready to find a solution to bite problems and relief from the pain connected to my missing teeth
  • Do I want a treatment option that provides a permanent, long term solution?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, dental implants are the solution you need. Consider some of the benefits of dental implants.

Why Do People Lose Their Teeth?

First of all, it’s important to understand why people lose their teeth because we want to do everything we can to avoid missing teeth. Of course, we can all expect that there’s going to be some very obvious reasons as of why a person might lose their teeth (such as in the case of an accident) but there’s actually about eight other factors that can contribute to tooth loss and you can do something about almost all of them!

  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Injury or Trauma
  • Smoking
  • Bruxism
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Disease

What Happens When You Have Missing Teeth?

You may experience additional health issues including diabetes, nutritional changes, coronary artery disease, obesity, and some kinds of cancer.

#1 Bone Loss

Bone loss is another problem if you don’t replace a missing tooth. This is called bone resorption. Osteoclasts break down the tissue in your bones which releases the mineral and transfers the calcium from the bone tissue to the blood. This happens when a tooth is missing because the tooth’s natural roots are no longer in the jawbone. This leaves a space, and over time it causes the jawbone to deteriorate.

But here’s the real problem. Not only does it impact the area of the missing tooth, but it also impacts the healthy teeth around it and puts you at risk of losing even more teeth from decay. It also increases the chance you will get gum disease in the missing tooth area.

It can also change the way your face looks, changing its shape, and your lips may look asymmetrical and sunken.

#2 A Missing Tooth may also Reduce Your Ability to Eat Certain Types of Foods

Depending on the location, it may be hard for you to bite or chew certain types of food. If this is the case, sometimes you begin to overuse other teeth to compensate for the things you can’t do because of the missing tooth. This may lead to poor nutrition and consequently diminish your health. You may experience digestive issues from eating softer foods or not fully chewing foods before swallowing.

Again, depending on which teeth are missing, it can affect the way you speak. Particularly if you are missing your front teeth, you may not be able to clearly pronounce certain words. Some people develop a lisp or can’t pronounce certain sounds. This can impact communication, limit social interactions, and potential jobs.

With a tooth missing that can be noticed, you may not want to smile or speak as much. This affects almost all aspects of your life. In addition, if your missing tooth is from gum disease, you may also have bad breath. Both of these things create social and professional barriers.

So, if you want answers to your question about what happens if I don’t replace a missing tooth, make an appointment with our office at Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and the doctor will sit down with you to discuss your options. We’ll also take a look at your budget, lifestyle, and insurance coverage to determine the best course of action. Tooth loss isn’t the end. Let us give you back your smile. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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