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Not unless you have one foot in the grave and you are on your deathbed!

If you were in that situation you wouldn’t be reading this!

Why is it then that you are not too old for needed dental care? I believe a significant part of the answer lies in the fact that having a healthy mouth has a real potential to extend the length of your life and improve the quality of it.

Another reason is to maintain the health of those you love around you. You pass along your infection to them as we discussed!

Yet another reason: when you have teeth that work, that look good and feel good, your relationship with the world around you and within yourself is significantly better.

I discussed the importance of your smile as being a vital tool of communicating – relating and promoting yourself in your work or in your daily walk for those who are retired.

Your smile increases the pleasure others have in dealing with you and as a result it enhances all your relationships with others.

Even another reason: As you get older, material items become less important.

What becomes more important is how you feel, your overall health and maintaining relationships with those you love.

Having a healthy, properly functioning mouth affects every one of these desirable qualities.

Some recent evidence suggests that those who stay in dentures are more likely to wind up in a nursing home where health often declines faster further adding to that likelihood of a shorter lifespan.

For those who wind up in nursing homes with dentures, it’s also common that the last memory your family, grandchildren, and friends will have been one in which you were toothless at the end. My grandmother passed before dental implants had come into their own and unfortunately I have that very painful image as part of my memory of her.

It Does Take Time, But Less Then You Imagine!

Implants do take some time but things have never been faster. In quite a few situations healing teeth can be stable on the implants on the day of surgery. In most cases treatments that used to routinely take 2 years now may only require 3-7 months.

Ask yourself this question: If my dental health was more important to my longevity than stopping smoking – just how important would my dental health be to me?

You’re probably thinking that’s a pretty strange question but according to one source those with good dental health lived 6.6 years longer while those who stopped smoking only increased their life by only 5.2 years. Almost a year and a half more benefit from having good dental health than quitting something that everyone knows is harmful to health and lifespan!

If you look at this as a careful judge your gavel comes down with a pounding affirmative that it is worth the time even if you don’t feel you have it.

And like everything else that exists in life that is worth having, it takes some time.

Now with today’s technology treatment is easier, more convenient and takes less time than ever before. Make the time for yourself –you are worth it.

Need I point out to you that your spouse, partner, children, or grandchildren are counting on you?

Even if you are very busy making a living to provide for your loved ones, what would happen if you had a serious health problem from not getting and maintaining a healthy mouth? What about those who depend on you for support?

How much income do you lose then?

How much income do you lose by not having an attractive smile? (It is a lot more than you think).

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